Brand Story

Youthful vigour, drive and passion. These are qualities that are found in abundance in Turbo One. A company with a dynamic team of professionals who always believe in advancing the frontiers of the turbo distribution industry. These characteristics are clearly portrayed in its mascot, Turby who has that unmistakable friendly and sincere demeanour. Its sturdy and strong image also accentuates the unshakable resolve of the company to deliver the best to customers in terms of product quality, variety, availability, reliability and affordability.

The Turbo One mascot, Turby, is created in the likeness of a turbocharger comprising its 3-part housing. Turby’s head is the compressor of the turbo while his neck and torso are represented by the centre housingand turbine housing respectively.Turby exudes an air of youthful vigour, full of drive and passion to go the distance for the causes it champions. Sturdy in form, Turby inspires confidence with its image of strength, power and reliability.

Striking many postures, Turby captures the dynamism of the company it represents – one who is ever-ready to take on all challenges that come its way.Turby is presented in a refreshing shade of lime green to reinforce Turbo One’s stance on environment friendliness.